Crafty Cactus is a process based art studio for kids, youth groups, and even adults located in Jasper, Alabama, where we focus on crafting, creating, and having fun!

Through open craft sessions, summer camps, themed events, and educational classes, the Crafty Cactus seeks to inspire creativity through a variety of art projects.

Artistic meet ups are held at various locations throughout the community, including homes, churches, and even back yards! During our creative time we don't direct our creators in step by step instruction, but rather encourage and guide imaginations to take flight.

All ages can explore mediums including collage, sculpture, upcycled art, painting, building, and unique personalized crafts, all in a screen free environment that is fun and encouraging!

At the Crafty Cactus 🌵 we love seeing the uniqueness of every art piece and the process of finding joy along the way.

Crystal Johnson I Founder & Creative Director

Hi, I'm Crystal, born and raised here in Jasper, Alabama. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Alabama, and though my focus was in English, I've always found great joy in expressing my creativity. I studied different types of art in high school and college, and crafting and creating have always been relaxing, enjoyable outlets for me.  

After becoming a mother, I transitioned out of the public school system and have been teaching my own four children, and many others in various homeschool groups, over the past nine years. I love watching kids embrace imagination and get excited about their own creations while watching their abilities unfold.

Art allows children to grow in confidence when they're allowed to design freely without fear of expectation of the final product --it is beautiful thing to witness such joy in creative freedom. 

With over a decade of experience working in a variety of the creative fields, I am thrilled to pair my love for teaching with my enthusiasm for crafting and art.  I'm excited to bring these new artistic opportunities to Jasper, visit fun spaces to host celebrations, and meet lots of new smiling faces as we cut, glue, glitter, and create together! 

Location: Various venues 

Jasper, AL 35503